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Hi there! :)

My name is Nancy Naluz,

& it's a pleasure to meet you!

Hello, world! My name is Nancy Naluz and I'm a musician turned front-end web developer, community manager & speaker.

I'm a front-end web developer..

Learned from the best at HackerYou and started at Ladies Learning Code, I'm a front-end web developer based in Montréal currently working at Glossier. I specialize in HTML & CSS, JavaScript and I'm a huge fan of intuitive UX and clean code.

I'm a community manager..

Inspired by my first #ladieslearningcode workshop (where we made a social network for cats!), I started a chapter in the city of Montréal where workshops are now offered in both French and English.

I recruit volunteer developers from the industry to teach beginner friendly programming and tech skills to women (and men) at full day workshops. We want to empower women to be producers, not just consumers of technology!

I'm a speaker..

I love sharing my knowledge about digital literacy and talking to people about technology accessibility. I've spoken at Femmes en TI (chez Google Montréal), Girls Gone Geek (at SID LEE), InfoNexus 2015 Conference (at McGill University) and Google's Women Techmakers.

Want to speak to me? Contact me!

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